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Mark your calendars for Friday, September 20th for a great cause and fun night!

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Jacobsen Syndrome

Jacobsen Syndrome, also known as 11q deletion disorder, is a rare congenital disorder resulting from deletion of a terminal region of chromosome 11 that includes band 11q24.1. It can cause intellectual disabilities, a distinctive facial appearance, and a variety of physical problems including heart defects and a bleeding disorder.

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Grady's Video

The Grady M. Salguero 11Q Foundation, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) organization created to assist financially with Grady’s care and to promote research of Jacobsen Syndrome, a rare genetic disorder.


The world is still learning about Jacobsen Syndrome and the medical community continues to make advancements in how to treat the disease.


Grady has been through so much and has many challenges ahead.  We appreciate your support as we fight with him!

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