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Grady Michael Salguero is our sweet and courageous boy who was diagnosed in utero with Jacobsen Syndrome. Jacobsen Syndrome is a deletion of the 11q Chromosome and affects each diagnosed child differently.


The specific medical issues Grady faces because of this deletion are many and include, but are not limited to: deafness, cortical visual impairment and loss of visual fields, a bleeding disorder, kidney defects, enlarged aorta, feeding difficulty (resulting in a feeding tube), low muscle tone in his trunk and neck, high muscle tone in his arms and legs, developmental and mental delays, and speech impairments.


Grady is now five years old and has had 12 surgeries to date with the possibility of future surgeries. Before he was born, we knew his skull had fused prematurely and at  5  months  old  he  had  his  first  surgery  to fix his  CranioSyntosis.   From there, he had  Eustachian  tubes  placed  twice.  The  first  time  resulted  in  a  complication  and  ended  up  with  him  spending  almost  a  week  in  the  hospital  due  to  a  severe  bleed. After  that  he  had  a combined  surgery  to  fix  a  double  hernia  and Orchiopexy.  His most recent surgery was Bilateral Cochlear Implants.  Grady is completely deaf without his implants.  The  amount  of  growth  we  have  seen  since  his  implants  were  put  in  has  been  amazing. 


Grady currently receives feeding, physical, occupational, vision, hearing, play, aquatic and hippo therapies.  Each  of  these  therapies plays  a  vital  role  in  helping  Grady  achieve  milestones  and  goals. Through  all  of  the  hospital  stays,  surgeries,  and  therapies, Grady  is consistently  one  of  the  happiest  people  I've  ever  known.  Grady is always smiling, and willing to play a game.  He  loves  attention  and  is  known  as a “cuddle-bug”  by  anyone  who  has  ever  held  him. 


Grady participated in a North Carolina state-sponsored program known as Early Intervention until he aged out of the program. At that time, all equipment loaned for Grady’s treatment and therapies had to be returned and the burden of obtaining said equipment was left on the family. Some of Grady’s required equipment is covered by insurance but much of it is not. Likewise, the insurance coverage for his therapies is limited to a certain number of visits and certain providers. These limitations often require out-of-pocket expenses by the family.


We have been so thankful for the Grady M. Salguero 11q Foundation and what all it has done for Grady as well as the burden it has lifted off our family. The Foundation has provided multiple items for Grady including: special equipment that helps Grady with mobility and gaining strength, adapted toys that allow Grady the ability to play as any other typical five year-old would, additional therapies (that otherwise would not be provided) and the possibility for additional items Grady will need.


We love Grady and his motivated attitude and are willing to do anything we can to help him succeed in life. Despite his many medical issues and physical delays, he remains the happiest little boy you will meet with one of the greatest determined attitudes. Grady is willing to put in the work and needs us to help him succeed!


All contributions and support given to The Grady M. Salguero 11Q Foundation, Inc. on behalf of Grady is greatly appreciated! The Grady Foundation is an IRS 501(c)(3) foundation, which makes all of your contributions tax deductible. We thank you for your consideration and cherish your prayers! 


-Jeff and Nora Salguero, Grady’s Parents


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