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- Chair mount for his newly acquired Tobii Dynavox

Grady's current mount is not easily portable and a chair mount will allow enable him to communicate anywhere he goes. 


- Creepster Crawler

Grady has recently been very interested in crawling but still needs a fair amount of support for his trunk. A creepster crawler device will allow him to “crawl” but assist him in supporting his weight, which he is not able to do yet. 


 - Feeding chair

Grady has grown out of his current chair.  The particular chair he uses is a great chair for feeding, but also for his therapies and working on fine motor skills because it sits closer to the ground. 


 - Modified or transport vehicle 

Due to Grady’s numerous needs and multiple pieces of equipment required daily, the Salgueros are in need of a vehicle that can easily transport all of his equipment and will provide ease when loading and unloading said equipment.  This could be accomplished through modifications to an existing vehicle or the through purchase of a transport-style van.

Needs Met

The following are items that Grady needed and were graciously

provided thanks to our donors and supporters:

This carseat is especially important since Grady struggles with head control.  This seat will allow him to rear face for as long as possible and with it being a steel frame, Grady is the safest one in the car!


This mat is made from memory foam and offers support while Grady practices on his tummy.

Grady gets a lot of use out of his firefly which allows him to sit in a traditional shopping cart and provides the 5 point harness Grady needs to sit upright and this chair holds him at the proper angle.  

Grady's high-low base in use.  This base allows Grady to interact more with his environment and his family by allowing him to sit up higher, but also offers versatility and allows his therapists to work

with him closer to the ground.

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